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"A Philosophy of Law, a Faith in Justice"

"Hard work on behalf of your clients, and integrity and honor in your dealings with everyone are the minimum one can expect of any professional. After all, a client comes to a lawyer (or any professional) in time of need and in a matter about which the client has no expertise. The client is nervous and most likely emotionally distraught - circumstances which would normally render even the most mature and decisive person susceptible to exploitation. It is in precisely those circumstances when a professional must conduct him- or herself with the utmost honor and integrity, recognizing that the person before him or her is entrusting a matter of crucial importance to the professional."

Brian Strahle

I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I enjoy reading your blog very much. Very interesting and valuable information. Hence, I decided to go back into your archives to learn more and found this post.

I really like your, "Greatest American Lawyer" title and concept. I am going to write a post on my blog to start a discussion around the "Greatest American State and Local Tax Consultant." I will trackback to this post and mention your blog.

Some info about me: I am a non-attorney, national state and local tax consultant. I started a blog in January 2009 and have had some success. I started the blog to build my own SALT practice on the side as I still work my day job.

I am very passionate about building a practice based on creating strong partnering relationships with clients and utilizing FIXED-FEES. I am also interested in abandoning timesheets. As far as I am concerned, a practice or firm should be concerned with revenue, project management and people management. Where do timesheets help with any of that?

I am a fan of verasage.com. Check it out.

My blog is www.leveragesalt.blogspot.com.

Thanks again for writing this blog.

Brian Strahle, EA, MST, Your State and Local Tax Partner

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