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John L. Davidson

no charging for copies and long distance

I am tempted to ask, have you ever worked on a real case, one with ten or more parties and 100,000 pages of primary documents. Every year or so I, as a sole practioner, do a mechanic's lien that may cost $5,000 for just one copy, but which may cost no more than $1,000 for me to prepare.

Clients pay costs because it is cheaper and more efficient


John: You observation is well taken. My post is really meant for the more mundane administrative tasks. Clients do not pay for copies because it is cheaper. Many firms charge for every copy, not just large unusual copy jobs. I have worked on scores of cases with 100,000+ documents. We find innovative ways to reduce copy or scanning charges where we can. But we never charge for routine copying, or long distance calls. If your hourly rate doesn't have that rolled in, then maybe you should consider it. Client’s pay (but hate to see) long distance charges on their bills, as well as standard copying charges. Law firms that realize this will have happier clients.

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