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You are right on, as usual. Your blog is terrific. (This is not a spam comment.)

"Making it rain takes time, energy and commitment which have nothing to do with billing hours and driving the immediate need for revenue. I would suggest that many big firms are set up to discourage large numbers of attorneys from making it rain. After all, if large law firms allowed everyone to meet potential clients for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and spend the time with those clients that is necessary in order to land their business, there would be no one back at the office billing hours. Large law firms are structured in part around the different roles that make the business go."

Every word of this quote is dead-on-balls accurate.

Petere Fontes

This is my first time reading your blog. I only started blogging a while back. Since starting my most favourite was Anonymous Lawyer - but since I knew who it really was, it lost some of its magic for me.

I hope I find a suitable replacement soon....I'll be back.

Happy bloggings!
Petere Fontes


where did you go?


It is really annoying that not only have you not posted in days, but you have let this post sit there with its screaming typo in the title all this time.


Easy Anon. I have been really sick. I will try to get it together over the next week or so.....

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