There Is Distinction Between Talent And Power
Contract Work, Outsourcing, And Virtual Workers

Being Big Provides No Intrinsic Value To The Client At All!

So what exactly is so great about being a firm of 500 people? What additional value does being big provide? You can't possibly convince me that it is the ability to sit across the hall from other great minds, big law has already rejected that premise. Big law is now hundreds of attorneys spread across tens of offices spread across the entire globe. Big law doesn't even buy into the premise that physical proximity provides value.

So what value is there to the client in being big? Oh sure, big law has developed a method to bill clients more hours and to drive its own internal revenue stream. There is no question that big law is the singularly perfect business model for that. But, I am talking about the client. I am talking about providing value to the client. Value defined as efficiency. Value defined as skill. Value defined as the best legal resource per dollar. I can't think of a single advantage that big law has on those issues. Can you?


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