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It is not your fault, but you think only in terms of service providers. Can the smartest, best individual in the world build a car? How about 3.5 million cars, which is how many Ford sold last year? How about a house, or 10,000 houses, or a 50 story condo building?

I'm with you with the depression, but the answer is: there is no answer.

We must live and let live.


I was reading your article and what struck me was that it was not so much the direction the talent flowed, but the preception of where the talent is. In some professions, the perception of the large firm compared to the solo deals with the scale of the work that is needed to be done. However, in talking with people about my recent choice (to go solo), there is still a perception that the larger, named firms are where the "good" or "talented" lawyers work (in much the same way I was once asked when I was going to be promoted from the Public Defender's Office to the District Attorney's office by a client when I was a law student.).


Bill: I here ya. But those perceptions are changing, not only in the law but across other markets. The perception is largely created by BigLaw and their own need to make themselves feel special. Any lawyer who has practiced knows that there is a often difference between book smart and effective. While the law students with the highest grades often get the BigLaw jobs, they are not always the best lawyers.

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