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Robert Williamson (Construction Law)

Outstanding. I like the simplicity of what you have set up. 1. Do you use any kind of case management software or is that role supplanted by the extranet? I use Timematters for basic activities, Sanction for evidence management and Casemap for case analysis. I have Worldox too, but it's overkill.

2. I do keep paper received in a client file after scanning, but don't try to keep them in any special order. Creating a file for each day or week would be even simpler. But what about original documents and photos etc. that you might need to use or produce as evidence or that the client might want back after the case is done?

Greatest American Lawyer

Hey Robert:

Great questions.

We use Amicus Attorney for case management. We calendar in both the extranet and Amicus. We are relying on our extranet only for the most important dates and deadlines. I wish we had one web enabled applications that provided a single solution but I don't see any of the vendors 'there' yet. Amicus X has a web interface which requires at least 10 licenses. I have not used it but go the idea that they are still working out some bugs.

We have special filing for original transcripts, original documents and the like. Much of the time, we return originals to the client.

Robert: Are you scanning to OCR or image? We have not been able to achieve a small enough file size to make OCR workable on most documents. File size of image only pdf has been totally workable thus far (we use leapfile.com for larger documents). But we do believe that we are too close to the edge to increase file size with OCR overlay.

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