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Rolling Out Our Virtual Worker Program

We’ve started the process of defining and rolling out a virtual employee program for other law firms to use. We realize the power of the program internally and would love to make it available to other attorneys who might not otherwise be able to identify law clerk candidates and deploy an extranet system for managing them. We have identified advantages for the law clerk/student population, law firms and clients. I will be sharing more with you over the coming weeks highlighting the tremendous advantages which a virtual worker program offers to all the stakeholders in legal services.


Carolyn Elefant

I for one will be looking forward to hearing about your virtual worker program. As you know, I have relied on contract attorneys ever since I started my firm years ago. The problem that I have found, however, is that I can't find good quality at reasonable cost. I know that you have gotten good results with the students you use and I would be very interested in seeing a sample memo or work product to get a sense of the quality that they are generating.

Carolyn Elefant

Greatest American Lawyer

Thanks for the comment and post, Carolyn. I have a lot more to come in the next few weeks.

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