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» Who is that GAL? from Home Office Lawyer
The Greatest American Lawyer, a/k/a GAL is having a contest to see if anyone can figure out who he/she is. Here are the rules: 1. Do a little internet research and see if you can figure who the author of [Read More]


Carolyn Elefant

And what about the contest for those of us who already know your identity...?

Carolyn Elefant

OK, I see, Rule 3.


Hi Carolyn: Enter enter enter. If you are lucky enough to know me already... well then you must be pretty lucky :-)


I think it is Ed. You know. Ed from Blawg review? If not GAL, who is this person Ed? Lurking out there in the blogosphere. Knowing who you are. But you not knowing who he/she is. Creepy, huh?

Kind of like GAL in that stupid red cape. Did you see how hard he hits the wall in the video? I mean, the suit is protecting his brain from neurologic injury? Come on, please ...... I think GAL and the blond dude are living in a fantasy world.

How do we even know the stuff he talks about is real?

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