Big Boss Sues GAL Again!
Who Owns Your Blog

Blog Fight!

Yes, the rumors are true, GAL was sued once again by his old firm.  Ah yes, my old firm ....

...  A firm which just can't seem to let go of the past.
...  A firm which apparently can't make its own future. 
...  A firm that still cannot accept the fact that any of its attorneys could be successful after departing (despite the fact that virtually all of them have been far more successful after leaving).

Last time Big Boss sued, he wanted my fee (he didn't get it).  He filed a grievance (which was summarily dismissed by the Grievance Committee before I even had notice it was filed).  This time, Big Boss wants my ...   you will never guess ...  Big Boss who has his secretary print his emails and bring them to his desk in paper format wants ...   my blogs! (apparently and to my surprise, he was going to develop these blogs, change his business model to reject his hourly billing model and devote staff time to becoming entrenched in the blogosphere - Who knew!?!).

If I had just left him the initial typepad URL, he would himself be the author of th Greatest American Lawyer blog today. His inner-blogger never blossomed and it is all my fault (apparently, he did not realize that he could have opened his own blogger account for free and developed his own blogs instead of trying to take mine).

YES THAT IS RIGHT.  YOU HEARD IT HERE.  A first ever for the blogosphere.  Blog-fight!


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