Its Okay to Skip the Name
Reflections on Reflections

Complaints Can Bring On Such Fond Memories ..

My old firm blogging you ask?

Bad Dream Flashback:  I once tried to do a mailing of a firm bulletin to prospective clients.  Big Boss intercepted them, and without even as much as a comment to me, instructed my secretary to throw them in the trash. 

More flashbacks:  I once tried to put a couple we are friends with on the Christmas party list. One is a local doctor and the other the CEO of one of the largest companies of its kind in the world.  I had to explain a half-dozen times to Big Boss why I was putting them on the list, after he kept crossing them off.  The firm spent huge sums entertaining his clients in order to perpetuate his origination.  For me (a partner), adding a person to the Christmas list invited something just short of the inquisition.

Fond reflection:   My blogs were mere baby blogs back then.  And who knew about incoming links back then? And who knew about 'no follow' tags in comments?  I thought I was driving traffic by placing comments on other people's sites.  The couple of blogs I had were test tube babies, the bastard children of my passion for everything Internet and my frustration that a single partner usurped virtually the entire marketing budget to perpetuate his origination.

More Fond Reflection:  What seems so obvious to me today was viewed as a bad joke back then. Using blog software for a firm web site?  Yeah, right.  In order to usurp, someone has to want it in the first place. And even if they can say they wanted it with a straight face, they would have to know what to do with it. And even if they knew what to do with it, they would have to devote untold hours of non-billable time to nurture it. Too funny to even imagine, but for the judicial resources which will be "usurped" by the folly of this litigation.


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