Complaints Can Bring On Such Fond Memories ..
Coming Out?

Reflections on Reflections

I have never been one to live in the past or the future.  I am very grounded in the present.  I couldn’t tell you the name of single teacher I had in grade school or high school.  I might be able to name three professors I had in college.  Some people remember everything.  I am not one of those. 

I tend to let things go as soon as they pass me by.  I don’t hold grudges.  I see the grand sweeps of life, which gives me a sense of perspective and priority.  People get so caught up in things that we all know don’t matter at the literal end.  The things we get so swept up in each day, we can’t even remember two years from now. 

No one likes being sued.  We, as lawyers, file suits all the time.  Litigation is like divorce.  There, quite simply, is nothing good about it at its core.  But if you look a little deeper and expand your mind a little broader, you can always pull positives out of anything.  I’ve always said, “There is good and bad in everything.”

One of the wonderful things that have happened as a result of being sued again by Big Boss and the firm is that it has forced me to do something that I am otherwise not inclined to do, reflect.  The issues presented in the lawsuit include:

The process of me deciding to quit the firm;

How I went about quitting the firm;

Starting up my law firm and setting out on my own;

My firm’s success as driven by the use of innovative technology including dictation, extranets, and virtual workers;

Developing a business model which is, in many ways, the opposite of a traditional firm model; and

Finding ways to treat clients like business partners, rather than bank accounts. 

I’ve been walking around for two days with a big smile on my face.  In fact, I saw Tim, my old partner, in court yesterday and I found myself almost giddy.  Tim seemed a little shy and withdrawn when I approached him, probably embarrassed by all the nonsense that his firm seems so caught up in.  I couldn’t help but thank him for filing the lawsuit against me.  It is hard to explain in words why I feel the way I do.  But I do know it has something to do with the pride and excitement of looking back on that time in my life and my accomplishments since.  Quitting my old firm ranks up there as one of the top decisions that I have made in my life.  It is hard to explain the positive impact that it has had on me personally, professionally and on my relationships with friends, clients and others.

I would have never stopped to think back on the period affectionally categorized on this blog as “I Quit” before this litigation.  And as much as I have told a small part of my story about quitting my old law firm on this blog, it is a mere fraction of what will come out in depositions and other discovery.  The transcripts from those depositions will read like a biography of that portion of my life, what I was feeling going through. 

This will be a wonderful opportunity to take stock and pride in these last two years.  They will also remind me of the differences in my life now compared to before, and that is probably something I needed right about now. 


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