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G. A. Napier

I was excited to see this post because it reflects what I have been doing without formalizing it in writing. Here is a recent post of mine: http://lexingtonlawyer.wordpress.com/2007/03/13/lawyering-and-the-billable-hour/


I find this interesting and am doing a paper on it for class. Are there any firms that do value based billing and be willing to answer questions such as how do they arrive at the specific amount for a project? Do they consider each thing the client needs or give them a "package" wit an amount? I'm focusing on the business law area as well if that helps. I would appreciate any assistance; thank you and have a great day!

Enrico S.

Jo: we do most of our work on a flat fee basis. Feel free to give me a call.

Geoff Hash

Jo, would you mind sending me a copy of your paper? (gmhash@yahoo.com)

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