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Oh yah, did I tell you that Traverse Legal is going to have a brand new web site in about two weeks. It will push the limits of blog and vertical content technology. No time to blog? Ha..

We are going to set the mark for law firm web sites. Content rich. Global representation. RSS, push and dynamic content services. Web 2.5. Traverse Legal Radio. New logo and identify program to tell the world who we are and where we are going.

Law firm web sites .. well, they suck. They are post cards. They are brochure web sites that cautiously manage message and content. Or more likely preclude content. Not this one. tic toc. You will see it soon.


I worked for a law firm for five years with the hourly billing ball and chain. Then I was hired as in-house counsel and haven't looked back. The removal of the ball and chain was one of the most liberating things I have ever felt.

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