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Introducing Over The Hump (OTH) Wednesdays: Sponsored By

That’s right! Another new feature on The Greatest American Lawyer Blog.  Starting next Wednesday, will be sponsoring “Over The Hump Wednesday.” What is Overflow Legal?  Well, the press release hasn’t gone out quite yet, but it’s a project that we’ve been working on for the last year.  Like you, we struggled to find the best of the best blog content on the internet within the niche issues that we care about most.  Sure, you can subscribe to Google Alerts and amass tens or hundreds of RSS feeds of your favorite blogs.  But what if there was a single source of information where the best blog posts were assembled within niche categories more narrow than any categories implemented on the internet for law.  What if those blog posts were rated by bloggers such as yourself so that the best of the best rose to the top?  What if you could subscribe to each narrow category of interest to you?  What if all of the content was human edited just like Wikipedia so that descriptions, synopsis, and categories were made descriptive and relevant? What if the latest social networking tools were built right into the system?

Starting next Wednesday, the top posts on Overflow Legal (you can submit yours now)from categories that are relevant to this blog will be re-posted and linked up on the GAL blog (sounds a little like Blawg Review, I know!).

Did I mention that the categories are cool, fun and irreverent?  Did I mention that there are currently over 100 categories of information in the system?  If you want to learn more about overflow legal, check out the “about” page and, of course, you are all invited to register and start adding your best blog post to the system, rating blog posts and commenting as appropriate.

Oh, and feel free to tell others about Overflow Legal if you are so inclined.  There is nothing else like it on the web.


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