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Regurgitation Thursday: How to Quit Your Law Firm

Topics covered in this episode of GAL Radio:

  • How to quit your law firm.
  • You don't need your firm as much as you think you do..
  • You don't need to sneak out the back door with files and clients.
  • What would the Greatest American Lawyer do?.
  • Jump.  Jump.  Jump.

CIRCA December 26, 2004: 

The ‘I Quit’ Conundrum I can appreciate why many lawyers want more certainty about where they are going to land before they jump out of the plane.  This usually involves looking for shared office space or your own rental space. Do you tell other members of the local bar under illusion of confidentiality or other potential resources that you are leaving before telling your law firm?
I have to laugh at the thought that just popped into my head, “What would the Greatest American Lawyer (“GAL”) do?”   

Play Show: The ‘I Quit’ Conundrum


I Quit

This is the perfect time to quit your law firm. You just got your bonus and have cashed out on last year. Do you really wanna suffer through another year at your law firm? You won't be able to leave in July cuz' you'll give up 50% of the bonus you're going to earn for 2009. I have to agree with Gal's philosophy that now is the time to "jump jump jump."

I Quit!

Anytime is a great time to strike out on your own. Trust me. It ain't as hard as you think. If you must succeed, you will succeed.

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