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Larry Port

Thanks for your review! "It's about time" is something we use in marketing as a double-meaning: it's about time there's modern software for legal practice management, and also, we know many lawyers track time. But point taken!

We're aware of value billing and other scenarios and many of our firms practice this way. We think it holds a lot of promise and are excited about alternate billing methods.

Client portals are on the roadmap for the next year as well. Please stay tuned. Thanks again! LP

Enrico S.

No problem. I think you will do very well. Let me know when you upgrade with new features and I'll take a look. I am always happy to provide input. We have been using an extranet as our complete case management solution for over 4 years.

R. Palmer

Have you seen Clio? Looks interesting.


John D.

Clio does look interesting. They have a client connect feature too. The lack of a free demo without requiring credit card information is a deal breaker though.

Chris Monaghan

A low cost web-based alternative is Time59 (www.time59.com). It provides basic time and billing with trust accounting for $49.95 per year. There is a free 30-day trial.

Leslie P

If you are looking for a real web-based case management system, check out houdini esq, http://houdiniesq.com. It's way ahead everyone else.


If I may suggest, LegalTrack. It's a case management system built inside outlook, works with exchange and integrated with SharePoint document management system. The website is www.casemanagesoftware.com

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