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Kelly Hall

I had the same impression of Shirvell when I watched his interview on CNN. That ass should be fired, and so should Cox for defending him.

Eddie Hudson

How about Bishop Eddie Long in Atlanta? I thought this guy was gay years ago, but he's now involved in a series of lawsuits where it is alleged he took advantage to young men in his care.

Oh, I personally think Andrew Shirvell is gay by the way.....


It looks like Mike Cox may lose his leading excuse for inaction - http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-ap-mi-anti-gayblog-atto,0,4483086.story


My favorite part: "There is a difference between hate speech and free speech." Really? And you're a LAWYER? That's like saying there's a difference between free speech and sports talk. The content of the speech is irrelevant--short of encouraging violent action against individuals, there's no legal justification for censorship. What Google does about is one thing, what the government does is another. Stop attacking free speech in the name of tolerance. Tolerance means tolerating intolerance, too.


I lived with a guy like this once in college. Racist, anti-Semitic and ANGRY. A few years out of college he called me to apologize and let me know he was gay.

el serracho

Is Andrew Shirvell really Buster Bluth?


Larry Craig. I don't know how you missed him.

Janine Krehbiel

I googled "Andrew Shirvell gay" because when I saw him on CNN I wondered the same thing. He certainly seems gay. He certainly is obsessed. Often we lash out at people if they have some characteristic that reminds us of things we don't like about ourselves. Andrew Shirvell needs to come to terms with his own homosexuality.

DUI Attorney Sacramento

I wonder if this guy is another example of these lawyers loudmouth anti-gay who finally end up with a few male escort in a cheap motel. Or maybe he has a crush

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