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TrialPad: Exciting New iPad App for Lawyers

Logo TrialPad for iPad is basically presentation software for your iPad which allows lawyers to annotate, organize, and display digital files in court in order to improve their persuasiveness, get better trial results and reduce costs associated with professional trial presentation consultants. Here's a short introduction:

Although we have not yet tried this app, we find the concept interesting and worth exploring.


Sarah DaSilva

this is one you should be reviewing. it has saved a world my of time in depo this week alone. i put my whole redwell into one of the cases (import through email), along with depo transcript from other deponents in the matter (imported from iAnnotate which i now plan to abandon) - accessed everything easily, and impressed opposing counsel (and my partner). i've just used it for depo, but plan to bring it to hearings, mediation - may use it for lobbying.

i will be posting my review to the app store shortly (i don't ususally review apps).

i will be billing this post to my client to make up for the shorter-than-it-might-have-been depo :)

Ted Brooks

My review of TrialPad and Evidence (two iPad apps for trial presentation) has been posted on law.com: http://www.law.com/jsp/lawtechnologynews/PubArticleLTN.jsp?id=1202477602410&Two_iPad_Apps_Make_Their_Cases_for_Trial

An enhanced version will be posted tomorrow morning at 1:00 AM PST on my blawg: http://trial-technology.blogspot.com/

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