Invasion of Privacy: Aaron's Rental Company Laptops Spie on Customers
Does Anyone Read the Terms of Use / Service Agreement?

District Court Judge Denies Copyright Holder the Right to Subpoena ISPs of Alleged Infringers

As reported on TorrentFreak, in the case Vpr Internationale v. Does 1-1017, District Court Judge Harold Baker denied Canadian adult film company from accessing the personal information connected to IP addresses from various ISP’s because:

“The infringer might be the subscriber, someone in the subscriber’s household, a visitor with her laptop, a neighbor, or someone parked on the street at any given moment.”

This ruling is definitely a setback for attorneys who practice internet law, IP addresses are sometimes the only link to identify someone who has engaged in defamation, theft or other unlawful activity.  Unfortunately, the pornography business is muddying the waters for attorneys who need IP address information in order to link unlawful activity. 


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