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Technology Wish List

I have a $10k budget for technology which I view as perhaps my second most important investment at start-up. [the first being the person who who fill the roles of office manager/secretary/client relations manager].  I won't be able to buy everything below right of the gate, but I should get close. 

Technology is critical since it will allow me to turn around work product more efficiently, allow me remote access to everything, ensure no deadlines or dates are missed and allow me to provide value to my clients at a level equal with or better than most larger firms.

Wherever there is no hyperlink, I am still gathering information.  If you ave any ideas, please leave a comment. Here is my wish list [too bad Santa has come and gone]: --I'll fill in prices as I go so future non-solos can know base cost --

  1. Basic Windows network set-up
    1. Server, 1 desktop and 1 laptop.
    2. AppRiver spam filtering for email
    3. Office Professional  Edition
    4. Powerpoint for presentations
    5. 4 hubbed flat screen monitors for courtroom presentations.
  2. DSL Connection
  3. Paperless office.
    1. Multi-function printer, scanner, fax. [undecided]
    2. Adobe® Acrobat® 7.0 Standard

    3. Adobe® Acrobat® Capture® 3.0 software

    4. Document Management Software[unknown]

  4. Case management

    1. Amicus Attorney X Standard Edition. [$600 for me and my secretary]

  5. File Hand Search Software

  6. Billing and Accounting Software [unknown]

  7. Desktop Access From Remote Locations

    1. GoToMyPC.com subscription [$20/month]

  8. Digital Transcription System

    1. QuickScribe Recorder and Player [$900 for recorder and player for me and my secretary].
    2. QuickScribe transcription service as secretarial backup. [per line charge]

  9. Simple home wireless network

    1. DSL

    2. 1 desktop

    3. 1 laptop (already own)

  10. Blawg Tools

    1. Typepad [$12.50/month]
    2. Pluck RSS Aggregator [free]
  11. Research Tools
    1. Lexis Nexis


Kevin O'Keefe

May spend a thousand or so more going in but you can eliminate a lot of future headaches & expense going to Mac machines & OS as opposed to PC's & Windows OS. Just ask the thousands of lawyers on MAC's.

Coming from a reformed PC user.

By the way - great name for the blog. Added to my list of fellow bloggers.

- Kevin


On the digital dictation, might I suggest using a product called Express Dictate. It is available at www.nch.com.au. I use it and its companion DialDictate. I can phone into my assistant and leave dictations (great when on the road) and I can also do them digitally from my desktop in the office and anywhere I can hookup my Laptop. They are sent over the LAN at the office and via email when I work remotely.

It is also very economical. I think I have about $150 into it for licenses, the microphone and the footpedal setup for my assistant. They also have a referral for dictation services you can use if you are going without full time support at the beginning.

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