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Dennis Kennedy  has an interesting new article out  in Law Practice Today. Mr. Kennedy has distinguished himself as a leading source for forward thinking.   He always has solid link lists and his blog is one of the most visited on the web. Mr. Kennedy -- unwittingly no doubt but complicit without doubt -- is one of the true non-solo resources who make you aware and empowered that you are not alone, and thus not solo.

Here is the link : Crystal Ball Resources for Looking into the Future of the Practice of Law    

And in response to Dennis Kennedy's call for a one year plan for new legal blogs with ‘too sharp’ names like this one, I offer the following Kennedy observation and response to his call for action ...

A shocking percentage of legal blogs do not last longer than a month or two. Blogging is hard work, especially if you don't have a good understanding of what you are getting into. I'd like to see more blogs launched with at least a one-year survival plan.

Here is My One Year Blog Survival Plan:

  1. Commit and, after inevitable periods of hiatus, re-commit to publishing. It is possible to write down 1  new idea a day and hit post.  Get a laptop and write while watching a basketball game.  Four quarters is   a lot of time. Remember to think long term.  It is not what you can write in a week, but a year.
  2. Understand that value can be clients (real lawyers have blogs) or simply feeling the freedom which is the first amendment.
  3. Value is: 
    • Value is providing you a voice, a podium (which all lawyers like anyway) and constant guideposts for practice.
    • Value is respect for ideas.
    • Value is a grass roots movement about change. 
    • Value is intangibles.
  1. Remain Anonymous: Any idea can be written without the shade of the writer’s ego or the concern for    consequence.  Despite recent controversy about blogging anonymously, I embrace it.  It gives me additional freedoms which is important for the things I have to say.

Dennis Kennedy would certainly play the smart money and bet this anonymous blog will be gone in a few months including its too cute name.

The second trend I'd like to see more people avoid is the "cleverly named" blog approach, often where it is difficult to determine who is the author or how to contact the author. For better or worse, people know who is the author of my blog. I occasionally have exchanges of email with people who I only later learn are the authors of blogs I read. Blog naming reminds me of the early days of Compuserve, AOL and the Internet where people used nicknames for email addresses. Using a clever name can cause all kinds of issues as time goes on.

Such is the plight of the aspiring non-solo. Many think he’s crazy. Many predict his demise.  But only he enters into battle ... His blog lives or dies by the stroke of his keyboard and the tolerance of his peers and family in competition with the computer.

The most important person who needs to listen to me is me. Jump Jump Jump



I just wanted to let you know that you've got a reader. I'll keep reading to see how your new practice shapes up. And do not worry: I won't wish you luck, though I do wish that your skill puts your firm firmly in the black as soon as possible.

Liara Covert

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Confucious

I commend your initiative. The key is to keep it up. Be consistent-- realize goals.

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