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Why am I waiting?

That is the question I think about most right now. I am waiting for next week, but at this point, I am not quite sure why. I thought I had to set a date. I did. But now, it seems fait accompli.

It is hard to see the people at work now. I find myself avoiding it. I had thought that a long transition might be convenient. But now I know that it will be the 'in between' which will be the most challenging. I need to make the in-between as short as possible. For me, the clients and the firm, I am assuming that means 6 weeks. I have a trial that starts January 15. Then I have six more trials scheduled between now and May 15. Three will probably go to verdict. Timing is going to be challenging.

If you believe what 'they' say, there is no good time to … [leave a law firm]. Jump jump jump.


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