Thanks For Watching
Non-Solo Karma

Big Boss Rocks! [so far]:

Big boss has gotten over his initial disappointment in my departure and is focused on making the transition smooth and mutual.  Of course, we have not had to deal with some tricky issues which will soon come into play, like specific cases, quantum meruit, case costs, etc.  But I could not be more pleased by the attitude and professionalism of my partners [they still have not told the associates and staff yet].  So far, ‘doing it right’ is making this much easier than I ever anticipated.

Of course, the firm has identical interests as I do on many key issues such as:

1.       Diminishing the speculation ‘on the street.’

2.       Diminishing the ‘blood in the water’ mentality of the local bar [many of the top firms are built by ex-lawyers of my firm who have major grudges].

3.       Preserving quantum meruit and advanced cost investments in specific cases.

4.       Winning cases that both stay and go with me.

It help that I just settled a case that will net $30k to the firm yesterday and will no doubt bring in another $40k relatively soon.   $70k on my way out the door doesn’t hurt the process. 



I agree that professionalism pays off. I took your advice to let the partners know in a timely fashion that I would be leaving. They responded similar to your boss. In fact, they wished me luck and said they will help me out in any way they can -- before and after I leave. Because the partners are easily the most influential lawyers in this part of the state and I will be a struggling "non-solo" with less than two years experience, their kind optimism is reassuring.

I am grateful for your encouragement to show integrity. Thanks for the good counsel.

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