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Home Away From Home

The office space is so cool, in such an amazing wooded location.  One large room and one larger reception area with room for a conference table at one end, separated by a hall with a bathroom and shower in the middle.  Original stone foundations 1/3 up wall and original brick above.  Rafter ceilings with exposed venting and water pipes.  I will have to post pictures. 

Jenny and I have started thinking about how to buy the space we are about to rent.  At $143,000, we can have a mortgage payment about half of what we are paying in rent (which is still pretty cheap for the area).  We are the only rental in the first two commercial floors.  Everything else is 'owned' condo space.  We have to finagle a down payment and financing from a bank.  These properties are going to be amazing.  The hottest restaurant in our medium town just opened up in the building next our new 'home away from home' [they were the first commercial interest in the old buildings].  That building is amazing. It is the old rooming house for the largest mental institution in the states history, which had fallen into literal ruin before being re-developed as mixed use historic renovation.  Stunning. 

I took Nancy (wife), Jenny, Mike (Jenny's husband) and two of my three little boys to see the new office today.   I think they are going to feel right at home there.

A Feb 1 move-in date is pretty hard to believe, but we will be ready and have contingency plans either way.


Wife of A Brave New Solo Attorney

Well, about a month ago my husband decided to "hang out the shingle" and start his own law firm. Monday, January 31, 2005 will be his last day of work. After only being married 7 months, we are still learning about what it is to be married while going through this huge change at the same time. We are so very excited about the road ahead, but extremely scared since we have little savings and my small small legal secretary income. He has a small office space and most technological things in order. He is so incredibly smart and I know he will be successful. I'm so proud of him! In his quest for information on exactly how to begin the whole process, he has come across many blog sites as well as started his own blog, I was reading some of the posts here at greatestamericanlawyer, and I found it very interesting. I wanted to post a comment and ask If any of you solo attorneys out there have advice for the wife of a solo attorney.
What are some things I can do to encourage him?
What things will drive him crazy?
Has anyone been through the difficulty of starting your own practice while you were a newlywed?
How did starting your own practice change your home life?
Do you regret the decision?
I'm just curious to know not only what I can do to help my husband be successful, but I also want him to be happy with this decision. My prayer is that I can be what he needs through all of this, because he deserves the best in all things.
Thanks for reading my post. Any advice will be appreciated. If any other wives of attorneys are so into their hubands and their husband's profession, like I am, you may post your advice too. Thanks!

The Wife of A Brave New Solo Attorney

Bruce Small

You sound like my lovely wife and partner. I will have my wife comment to you shortly.

I am a solo land surveyor. Not quite five years ago I struck out on my own using very high-tech equipment and no employees. I reasoned that since I am very efficient, highly creative, and with years of experience, I could do all of the work much faster by myself and avoid paying inefficient help. I figured I could make a decent living amd at least pay the bills. Everyone told me I was wrong since that is not the standard business model.

Ha, I had no idea. Solo is a gold mine. The referrals from happy clients and title companies, which are essential for success, just build and build. I had no idea it was so easy to make money and have fun doing it. My stress level is one-tenth of what it used to be working for a large firm.

You and your husband are on the right track. I bet a year or two from now you will be on Kauai celebrating another great year. We do.

Visit my blog for more information if you'd like.

Ann Etta Moore

Personal Experience. We own a condo with monthly fees of $131.00. One of the townhouse owners failed to pay her mortgage note and monthly fee with a warning Many,Many times. The bank reposessed this townhouse. The lady of the managment company was told of a sale to be on the court house steps. All of the owners were not notified or given a chance to buy the condo as the bylaws state. The lady at the management company bought the condo on the court house steps for $70,000. It is worth about $150,000. The association did not get their money that was owed for months & months. What recourse do we have and what liability does the management lady have with conflict of interest. HELP! HELP!!!!

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