Big Boss Rocks! [so far]:
One week post-'I Quit.'

Non-Solo Karma

What a couple of days!  I am stunned and amazed by my good fortune.  My real estate agent (which big boss referred me to), took me to the hottest, most alternative new development within 100 miles. One million square feet of 1850's era state mental hospital (really a campus) which was closed down for years and is now being re-developed one building at a time. The first building was just completed (stone foundation with 1800s brick) and the initially available space has long been spoken for.  We went to look at phase two just for fun to see if I would want to obtain a sort term lease somewhere else in order to leave the option open of moving as phase 3 (phase 2 is already sold out as well) is completed  a couple of years from now.

But the developer and is family appreciated my alternative lifestyle, my unusual history, my Italian heritage, the fact that I took my wife's last name in matrimony and my appreciation for the community of people they are assembling.  They abandon two offers to purchase an entire floor of breathtaking space to accept a lease from me for 1/4 of the floor.  My new office is surrounded by a campus of beautiful buildings, woods, trails and alternative people just like me.  Kids are welcome anytime and it just happened that there is plumbing built into to a private bath which can accommodate a shower (which means I can still jog to work and back home which I ave been doing for over 10 years).

It is as though the great gods have blessed my non-solo decision and I am now being swept along by the strongest karmic winds which I ave ever experienced. EVERYTHING is falling right into place beyond my most optimistic expectations.   


I think you need to fix the 'h' key on your computer.


The 'h' is missing, as you have noticed. My youngest boy ripped the 'h' right off the keyboard!

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