Non-Solo Karma
Home Away From Home

One week post-'I Quit.'

Focusing on staying focused. 

I am squarely confronted with a mixture of excitement and endless tasks.  I find myself picking out carpet for new office space, to pricing computer equipment and researching DSL/cable options [SBC says there is no DSL at the commons, although the developers say it exists].  I am meeting with my computer network guy tomorrow.  He as got me into some pretty amazing stuff. Airspace wireless solution with VPN, MFP for paperless office (every piece of paper will scanned in, and paper will be boxed and stored.).  I will share technology quote on-line. 

Because of the potential two week delivery time, I have to order Monday. That leaves projected network operation date of about Feb 2.  I have a physical address and am finalizing the logo and stationary.  I am converting my blog sites into marketing for my new firm (I do about 350 hits a day on five vertical market blogs and ave generated three paying clients and one referral).  No amount of endless tasks as a non-solo.

Jenny:  How are we doing so far?



Don't worry - I'm here - following your postings and sharing in all the excitement. It's all pretty awesome - the new 'home away from home' - the whole concept of changing the way law is practiced - being a part of building a business from the ground up. I think we're doing great (but I'm beginning to wonder when and if you sleep)!

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