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Thanks For Watching

I have received a large number of emails this last few days from well wishers, non-solos, wishful non-solos and solos-to-be.  I won't reproduce their emails but I thought it would be insightful to publish my responses.  Here are a few:

I am in the most 'lawyer per capita' city in the state (tourist town).
Luckily, it is also a growing city.  I'll be posting my projected
P&L's soon so you can take a look.  So much of what I will be doing is
verbal marketing.  People need to understand the value they receive.
My business model assumes a much higher ratio of clients referrals and
repeat business than would normally occur.  Building relationships is
not the norm and as we all know, very hard to do in this business.
What we need to think about is why our clients leave dissatisfied more
often than not despite the result.  Those that pay hourly feel they've
lost either way.


Sounds like me.  6rth Circuit clerkship, big firms, rich firms, solo (stayed home and raised one boy), current 12 person firm .... non-solo.

I'll post my projected P&Ls, break even and sales forecast in the next
couple of days.  I'll be interested in your thoughts. My projected
break even is about 18k right now with me ($70k) and secretary ($30k)
plus all other expenses.  Thanks for watching.


Some one say 'lack of brains' but one way or another, we will find
out. So far so good.  I start looking for rental property tomorrow.

Carolyn Elefant (bio) gave me profs on her MyShingle.com blog (reprodcued in part on the Law.com Blog site) for converting to the solo life. Thanks Carolyn, and kudos to her for launching MyShingle, which will no doubt inspire others who apsire to the non-solo life.


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