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A lot has happened these last two weeks, both good and bad.   My father-in-law passed away last Thursday.  He went so much quicker then we expected.  Cancer is a bad bad disease.  We got home home from the care facility 4 hours before he took his last breath.  He smiled and looked at peace in his own space.  But cancer ravaged his body quickly and completely.  It is good that he did not live any longer to suffer any longer.  He died in his own home, surrounded by family with his wife and one of his 7 daughters holding his hands.  I am reminded that you only live once and am assured that I have made the right move to strike out on my own path.

My office is up and running, with more benchmarks achieved each day (so many little tasks).  We have administrative/technology projects every day.  Stupid stuff like when SBC Yahoo decided without notice to block all use of smtp servers that were outside its network (they called it span control but didn't ell the customers what they were doing.  We were stumped for three days).  After the pains of customer service phone support, we finally obtained the ability to send mail again today. 

We have our Amicus Attorney running and are hoping to link it up with QuickBooks this weekend.  Our Quickbook checks arrived today and we printed our first check.  Good things since the bills were starting to collect dust.  Our first payroll was last Thursday.  Now we are focused on billing.  We hired an amicus/quickbooks consultant so we are hoping to complete our first billing next week. Business has been better than projected our first 3 weeks.  We should cover all overhead expenses and start paying back advanced funds (about $40k in personal loans) within 30 days.   

The MFP should have the 'send mail' i.e scanning software loaded by Monday.  We are drowning in paper in our paperless office!

Cell phone service is spotty through our 18 inch brick walls.  We are looking into cell phone boosters next week.

Client's are coming in at a fast pace.  I have posted for virtual law clerks and the resumes are coming in quickly.  I'll be hiring attorney sub-contractors soon.

Our airspace secure wireless/VPN solution also should be installed by Monday. I love my new office and the campus that surrounds me.  Next week, I start jogging to and from work.  My shower at the office is operational today!


Jeff Donner

Dude, what you're doing is great. Keep it up.


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