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Enter The Virtual Law Clerks

Most big law firms hire law clerks who put in  a few hours each week between classes.  I don't work in a city with a law school nearby.  But I still appreciate the enthusiasm and energy of quality law clerks, not to mention the economical billing rate for my clients. 

As my office 'comes on-line' I am starting to see the one unusual benefit which technology, especially a paperless environment, makes possible.  I am currently interviewing several top law school candidates to perform virtual law clerk 'task-based' services on an independent contractor basis.  I will provide them detailed research and drafting tasks, including the number of hours allotted for each activity.  They perform their work from the law school where they are located. They can work at their convenience within defined deadlines.  We can work collaboratively on my shared desktop through  I share digital .wav files with instructions with my Quickscribe Recorder.

Speaking of audio files, if you have not seen the cool embedded audio files you can insert in to Adobe Standard version 7.0 documents, you are really missing something.  Embedded audio files placed directly on .pdf files are incredibly efficient for sharing information.  I have included a sample .pdf with embedded audio here as an example.

I am also interviewing virtual paralegals and associates.  I'll let you know how it goes.



The law student licenses for access to Westlaw and Lexis for law students expressly prohibit using that access for work for profit.

I'm not saying they wouldn't do it, and I'm not saying they'd get caught, but it would be a breach.

Jeff Donner

That is correct. You are taking a risk there.

Greatest  Lawyer

Thanks for the head's up. Lexis provides free licenses for non-lawyers in a firm (i.e. paralegals, clerks ride the firm susbcription). Those susbcriptions will work just as well. The Greatest American plays by the rules.

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