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My LexThink Outline

LexThink has asked me to comment on the following issue:  "How would you build the perfect professional service firm?"  I have prepared a PowerPoint presentation (please allow for download time) which captures my baseline thoughts on the issue.  I prepared it last night and this morning just before ....

Well, if you read this far, you have likely also read the above post.  You already know I had answered the question of the day before the question had even been presented.

Perhaps the question for LexThink should be one step further back from the one asked.  Maybe the question should be how could anyone build a service centered firm under the current system of  law?  How could anyone solve their client's problems with assholes on the other side of the 'v' obtaining retention contracts, placing barriers to resolution and perpetuating legal matters to line their own pockets with hourly fees?  How can we win this war if we don't attack, fight and risk it all to reclaim a justice system closer to its ideals? 

And even one step further back ... Isn't society right about the law and lawyers in general?  Can we blame citizens for their frustration with lawyers and the legal system?

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