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Our First Fee Split / Our First Disagreement

Well.  The wheels have fallen off the relationship with the old firm (they have been wobbling as of late).  They view quantum meruit as all hours worked by paralegals, associates and partners at the same billing rate.  My view is captured by the following post which I made at the time.  Thus, the ratio of fee split on settlement money is 'in dispute.' 

It appears they pulled  a fast one on my way out the door when they drafted the agreement on split in terms of "lawyer / paralegal hours." They say this means raw hours rather than hours multiplied by billing rate.  Of course, this pays them more than the quantum meruit they would have been entitled to  under law, and drags my fee down towards a paralegal rate.

...  Despite the fact that all discussions and number crunching dealt with quantum meruit ...

...  Despite the fact that no one ever proposed or discussed valuing all hours the same (which would have been ridiculous of course)...

...  Despite the fact that there would be no reason for me to agree to such an absurd formula ...

Be careful who you play with on the playground of capitalism.  You are the company you keep.  Karma can be a major pain in the ass.


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