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Response By Opposing Counsel to Professionalism Letter

It works!  Below is the response to my professionalism letter I sent to opposing counsel last week.  No offense was taken to my observations about the need to question our approaches to confirming letters.  Linking to LexThink gave my note legitimacy.  By reminding our brother and sister counsel that we can restore professionalism to our profession, we advance the ball.

Thanks for you note.  I agree that we must restore professionalism to our profession, and apologize if you took offense at my email.  My client feels very strongly about this matter, and I try to be zealous, but professional, in representing my client’s interest.

We would like to resolve this matter amicably, professionally, and expeditiously.  .... Again, thanks for your note, and I hope that we can maintain a professional, cordial, and open relationship.  We may even cross paths or work together on future matters.


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