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Revelations of The People I Have Been

I crossed the bridge which took me across the near frozen stream. My son ran to the bridge, jumped to the rail and kicked snow into the water below. "It melts," he said.

After a short explanation of the concept of 32 degrees, we ventured further into the woods. I was struck by the sensation that I could feel, a sensation that I once carried with me every day. It was more than the buzz of the little taste I had before venturing out of my new office and into the woods with my eldest son. It was cold, probably 15 degrees.

I was surprised Echo Storm began running down the snowy trail. "I know where there is a boomerang field'" I said. We bent under a fallen tree and into an open snow covered field. A huge open space used to store snow in the winter. I tried to envision the field in the summer. Would it be swaying in 4 foot long grass, or hard packed dirt? Whether a boomerang would ever fly in this field would have to wait for answer until Spring.

The sensation I had which buzzed through my body was one I once had walking the stream to and fro, from spot to spot, in Boulder, CO. I thought of my car and my growing dependency on it. I thought of the year in Boulder where I did not even own a car. I thought of my favorite saying "As long as I am getting to work by foot, I can handle anything during the day." I had not jogged to or from since I first entered my new office. I had only ventured twice thus far onto the hundreds of acres of trails right out the back door of my office. I could feel yet another new beginning beginning.

I am at a moment in life that has such potential for change. Keeping the best habits, the best attitudes of all the people I have been through my whole life. Any excuse to change what I think I know about myself is good excuse in my world. Sometimes, you just have to change life to keep perspective.

As I start yet another new life ... as so many of my many lives seem to be converging ... as change surrounds me everywhere I look and in all my dealings with mankind ...


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