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… My Wife's Top 5 Questions about LexThink

After being invited to attend, I was immediately struck by the question: “What is the goal of LexThink?”

Dicitonary.com defines “lex” as follows:
lex  n. pl. le·ges : LAW

So I can only surmise that LexThink is probably suppose to make you think…about law.  [I am certain that it the consistent demonstration of analytical skills which has placed me squarely on the invite list to this important conference of legal thinkers, albeit at the very last moment after a few concilations.]

Attendees will come to LexThink  fresh off a 3 day ABA Tech Show, which itself is preceded by the Blogger’s Dinner .  Attendees should each come with our top 5 most important issues in law and practice.  Attendees raise the issues they bring to the floor in an informal Open Space meeting format (self-managed workgroups with no agenda ;-). In the grand spirit of the internet itself and Ayn Rand’s objectivism, problems are identified and solutions proposed in a sort of anarchistic framework where Darwinism rewards the strength of only the best ideas.

With all the ‘thinking about law’ I have done these last 4 hours or so, my brain is abuzz with notions of changing everything about the practice of law.  So it was no wonder that within hours of being invited to LexThink a mere 2 hours after arriving home, I have already bored my wife to tears with all the details of who is coming [“No I have never met them or seen them on TV”].  I have explained in great detail - but without much by way of specifics - why this conference is so very important [“yes love, some of them even make money and work for real firms”].   She patiently listened to many things that have nothing to do with getting the children (7, 5, 3 - all boyz) in pajamas and bed. She privately wondered, I have no doubt, about the wisdom of taking 5 days off from a newly opened law practice to go hang out with a bunch of computer geeks who will never be clients. 

I know LexThink must be an important event because my wife smiled and tried to look interested as I rambled and she even pretended that she thought it was important as well ... and that almost never happens at my house during bed time.

In tribute to my beautiful wife’s patience and for not dousing my obvious excitement in cold water [at least yet. I can hear screaming children upstairs right now], I present to you the reader with …

… My Wife's  Top 5 Questions about LexThink:

  1. So I don't understand, are they lawyers?
  2. You mean you aren’t the only one whose marketing plan is to attack the entire legal system?
  3. What, you’re not coming home from Chicago until Sunday night now?
  4. Doesn’t it scare you that no one can think of an agenda?
  5. So you’re saying law.com will pay you to write stuff?

I will dwell on the questions my wife has posed, although I am confident that the answer is yes to all but the last question on the list.  And as to that question, I will let my wife dream of publishing riches, so that I can safely go to Chicago for 5 days of my own slice of heaven. 

On a serious note, I do hope that the answers to important LexThink issues will advance and change the way law is practiced. I couldn’t stand to think about an entire career trying to represent my clients against parties who are represented on the other side by the traditional hourly billing model.

I come to LexThink with passion in my heart and actions behind my words. I come ready to learn and listen. I sincerely appreciate the invitation.


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