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FileCenter: Another Piece of the Puzzle

I just had a very interesting product demo of a product called FileCenter by  They received major Kudos in a piece written by Jim Garrison, Legal Computing Services, The,   

FileCenter software potentially solves two pieces to my technology puzzle, file management and remote access. I have found Woldox to simply be way too much for my small office needs.  I tried Filenotes but was not impressed enough to purchase (it really seemed to slow down my computer).

Here is what the manufacturer says about their File Center Software:

More than document management. More than a paperless office. With FileCenter, small offices can finally enjoy the intra-office harmony of a complete file management suite. ...

A picture does really speak a thousand words.  Here is a schematic which shows the file management functionality:


I am beta testing next week and will let you know how it goes.  It looks like a natural for my virtual paralegal/law clerk program and file management needs (Thanks Todd for the demo!).   



I've really enjoyed reading your blog after discovering it this weekend.

I saw your post about FileCenter. How did your Beta testing go and do you have any impressions to share. I'm looking at it myself, but there are precious few reviews to read....

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