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Favorites from ABA Tech Show

It is Friday at the Tech Show.  Here are my favorites thus far:

  1. Bloggers Dinner:  The coolest people at the TechShow ...  There is a buzz around bloggers, blogging and blogs.  These folks are different and  this year the buzz will get louder ..
  2. The Lawyers Guide to Adobe Acrobat - Speaker: David Masters  ...  Acorbat is the still the standard as more offices go paperless. 
  3. Craig Ball on PowerPoint:  Speaker: Craig Ball.  Man, can that guy make PowerPoint go.
  4. 60 Tips in 60 Minutes:  Speakers: Ellen Freedman, Reid Trautz, Laura Calloway, and Dan Pinnington.  Worth the price of admission. I can hardly wait to review the links provided on the CD.  I can easily commit to 50% of the tools identified and expect to see significant increases in office and practice efficiency.

I am revved up.  One o the more interesting vendors I have visited is Buzz Bruggeman with his ActiveWords product.  Here is what Slacker Manager a has to say...

I am in love with ActiveWords

The best thing, in my view, about ActiveWords is that the initial learning curve is so short.  If you do nothing but install the program and one add-in (misspellings), you'll reap some benefit immediately as ActiveWords corrects common misspellings on the fly, no matter what the context.  You could be in a word processing program or in a text field on the web--doesn't matter.  ActiveWords will correct a misspelling immediately after you type it.  I'm still startled by it when I mistype something and the word disappears then quickly reappears, corrected.

I'll let you know how the free download trial goes ...


Al Nye

ActiveWords is simply a great product and Buzz is the best in the business. For my review of ActiveWords, look here:

Al Nye

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