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Hurricane Force Winds Destroy Legal System

I am vacationing in Punta Gorda, Florida which took the brunt of Hurricane Charlie on Friday, August 13, 2004.  Most of downtown will eventually be demolished and rebuilt. Many parts of the city still look like a war zone.

Old out-dated buildings were the first ones to be decimated by the hurricane.  Those with poor foundations and weak roofs did not stand a chance against Charlie's force.

Ten years from now, this will be a brand new city, with brand new buildings and numerous hurricane induced improvements. The brand new roofs completed thus far already give the community an air of progress, renovation and improvement. Out of destruction comes rebirth.

Will the legal system have to be destroyed before true innovations and improvements are seen?  Or do blogs have enough force to knock down the pillars which hold up the current iteration of the billable hour law firms? 

One thing is for sure.  It would be nice to see some shiny new roofs on the old structures which dominate the legal landscape.


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