Billable Hour Obsession Born Of Firm Manager Laziness?
Not Yet Announcing ... My Law Firm

The 'Real World' of Independent Practioners

My Shingle posts on two "solo" experiences which are instructive and interesting.  My favorite is "Hanging Out a Shingle: Following the Dream of Starting Your Own Firm"
by JAIME LEVY PESSIN posted here at LegalMatch Marketing.

Here is some wisdom to live by if you are an independent practitioner:

''You get a lot of great publicity from doing something good. If you're going to do it, be committed to it. These groups have seen a lot of phonies come in, try to network with everyone and be out the door in six months,'' said Bernard Wysocki of Wysocki & Smith in Waukegan. ''Clients and other attorneys aren't necessarily looking for the best lawyer. They're looking for the lawyer they feel is going to care about them.''

It is true.  Being good helps, but other attorneys are looking for a comfort level with the person, as much as the lawyer, when they refer out cases. 

I also agree that marketing to the larger law firms in town is critical in generating referrals.  A large percentage of referrals come as a result of a conflict of interest with another attorney, who then advises the prospective client where they should go next.  Larger firms obviously have more conflicts and are a great source of referral business.


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