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When you open a new business, there is a temptation to want to tell the world right away.  I would recommend anyone opening a new law firm to be careful not to send announcements too soon. Here I sit some 2+ months after starting my new firm.  I still have not sent announcement letters to attorneys or clients despite my initial plans to do so right away.  And it has worked out much better.

I was initially delayed by the fact that our plan to rely exclusively on cell phones for business was hampered by the fact that reception proved to be spotty in my office and non-existent in Jenny's office.  Once we got our ISP phone through hooked up, we were already swamped with business.  We couldn't imagine taking in any more cases and did not want to provoke referrals until we could handle the load.  We then set out to hire virtual law clerks and paralegals.  Now that we have two law clerks on board part time, and one part-time paralegal, we are confident we can handle additional litigation any matter that comes through our announcement and coordinated marketing campaign.

The delays have been to our benefit.  We will now coordinate our mailing to about 500 people, with our summer advertisement campaign through Johnny Advertising (yes, rest room ads which I will post about in the near future) and a coordinated press release.  From a  marketing point of view, we want people to see us three or more times over a short period.  Also, our physical offices are in better shape to receive visitors.  And I will be in a much better position to handle the calls, many of which which will be congratulatory, than I was my first two months in business where I spent a lot of time putting out fires. 


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