Silence Perpetuates the Status Quo
Billable Hour Obsession Born Of Firm Manager Laziness?

Thin Skinned Solos

My previous post and follow-up about rethinking the label of solo-practitioners drew numerous comments, both on this blog, and on the MyShingle blog (where my post was again referenced by the Legal Blog Watch hosted by

Some more pointed comments suggested that I should toughen up and ignore any stereotypes about solos in my own practice.  But that approach misses the point.  I could  care less what people think of me personally.  That much should be clear from my bio.   But I do care about perceptions since they tend to perpetuate the current systems and business models which dominate our profession. And if we simply say "who cares," we can expect more of the same for many years to come.

I am grateful for the discussion however, and the feedback.  I do agree with one comment made Dave who hosts the South Carolin Trial Law Blog:  He commented to my post on MyShingle; "Let your life be the proselytizer and attitudes will change."  I had to look up "proselytizer" but after doing so could not agree more. Actions do speak louder than words. Words, however, have a place in this as well  Words provoke discussion and, together with actions, give great potential for change.


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