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Who Am I Really?

I have updated my profile page .  Click here to learn more about the man behind the mask.   By the way, I wonder if Scheherazade Fowler @ StayOfExecution (one of the most prolific and well written personal blogs on the net) knows that I taught sailing for over 12 years, and grew up on a Formosa 51 which my lawyer dad owned?  Having met Ms Fowler at LexThink where she seamlessly performed the difficult task of 'facilitator', I bet she looks great in a blue blazer, hanging out at the yacht club sipping rum and coke.

And yes, I shall remain anonymous.  Even though it is probably no longer necessary, it feels better that no one in my town knows that this blog exists.  Medium-sized towns chew people up and spit them out when they step outside the norm.  "Out of line" is essentially anyone who challenges the way things are being done.  There are a lot of very powerful and wealthy people who have a vested interest in status quo.  Plus, I  work hard to make sure that there are no impediments to the things I can and must say here.

Let me put it to you this way.  I wouldn't jump on the table at a dinner party and scream obscenities.  I would feel comfortable doing that here. That freedom feels good.

It is also liberating to know that only a relatively few people in the blogosphere know who I am.  It is always easier being a stranger.


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