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Finally Announcing My Law Firm

I now have two virtual law clerks and one paralegal working for me at about 100 extra hours per week.  This should handle my overflow capacity for the next two months or so.  I am now ready to announce my 3 month old firm to the world.  As noted previously, I was smart to be patient in sending these letters until the firm was fully operational and ready for traffic.

We sent out our first round of 150 announcement letters last week to lawyers and judges.  For each of the next two weeks, we'll send another 150 to the bench and bar. We tried to space out the mailings so that well wishers would not call all at once.

In three weeks or so, we'll send out letters to clients and prospective clients.  This will coordinate well with our Johnny Advertising campaign and general announcements to the media. I am also considering truckside advertising using a product called TruckSkin.

Will these letter generate any new business or referrals?  Only time will tell.



Be very cautious relying on Lingo as your main phone service. I found the quality of their service abysmal. Echo, interrupted phone service, lose of dial tone, shall I go on! The phone is one of your most important tools, pay a little bit extra for a quality service like Verizon. If you must use VOIP try Vonage 100% better than Lingo.


I hear you brother. I agree that service is spotty.

We have gone through periods where it is 2 re- boots per day. We went with Lingo since it was the only service offering local area codes. I enjoy the features. C all forwarding on weekends, conference calls, etc are great.


Y'all overtech it up. It is not about technology. It is about getting back to basics, Lincoln style. Get a regular phone line. Serve clients with your brain and heart.


A good brain, plus a good heart is the foundation. Add two parts proven technology, three parts efficiency and now you have something special.

If I could ditch the ISP phone, I would. But I am stuck for now and would not recommend it yet. The great call forwarding and busy signal features are outweighed by the hit and miss service.


first of all, i love your site and find the information most helpful. i am currently posturing myself for hanging my own shingle and I am in the oricess of gathering as much information as possible before opening my practice. I understand you sent out announcement letters indicating the opeing of your new firm. would it be an immposiiton send me an electronic version of your announcement? i am trying to find as many different versions of law firm announcements so that when i am in a posiiton to let my friend and family know i am in business, i will have several to useas guides. gps_4@hotmail.com



How are your announcements & truck-ads working out for you? Did they generate alot of prospective new clients who arrived at your office already predosposed to hire you?

What kind of return on investment have you been able to measure since you spent the money a couple of months ago?

Will you include announcement letters and truckside ads in your future Rainmaking activities? What else have you considered?

Did you take any classes in law school (or anywhere else) that taught you How To Make It Rain for a small law firm with proven skills & systems and without spending a bunch of money?

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