Alternatives to Hourly Billing for Small Firms
The hourly billing model is like dirt under your fingernails


Denise Howell


Vicki Small

Love the photo and the concept. Would you be willing to take the apostrophe out of "client's"?


Clients' focus on their problems. Whether you charge a clients by the hour, a flat fee, or on a contingency basis is not as important to them as is your ability to effectively solve their problems. Try to create a powerful, concise, and convincing ad that illustrates your firm's ability to solve client problems. Value comes from the quality of your service. If getting away from hourly billing, in you opinion, creates value for your clients then build this fact into a comprehensive ad campaign and incorporate this fact within your broader campaign. My main point is that lack of hourly billing, in and of itself, is not that compelling. Many firms are now exploring this business model so it is not a huge differentiator and again it does not solve client problems but rather creates the perception, not necessarily the reality, of reducing client costs


Great point. Sometimes, I think I am speaking as much to the bar as to the clients. So many lawyers are wondering hopelessly without any sense that there is another way to practice law. In order to change the way law is practiced, we have to speak to both audiences.

When designing my marketing materials, I first decide what I want to say then use marketing as vehicle to say it. I suppose I am extending my blogs into the non-internet world. I am looking for a reaction as much as anything else. If I make people think about their lawyer, legal services or different ways to practice, I feel I will have met my goal.

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