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A Bloggers Duty to Comment

There has been much written over the past year about a lawyers duty to blog. There are many who believe that professionals such as lawyers, as well as business executives, politicians and others have a duty to make their views known on the internet. Blogging technology makes it possible, for the very first time, to easily post ones thoughts, comments and opinions on the World Wide Web easily and cost effectively. It would not surprise me if many people reading blog posts about the duty to blog have been inspired and launched their own blogs.

            The point of blogging is not only to post thoughts, opinion and commentary but also to start discussion. By definition, is never one person’s blog post. A discussion is what happens thereafter when someone posts a comment about that opinion. When things are really working well, people comment about comments on the issues raised by the original blog post.

            As you surf the blogosphere, you will notice that there are far more blog posts, than there are posts with comments attached. While many have responded to the duty to blog, few actually take the time to post comments on other people’s blogs. It is my belief that web surfers, and especially blog authors, have an equal duty to comment about issues raised on other blogs. In short, I believe that people have a duty to participate in discussions in addition to posting their views. Until people spend as much time participating in comment-based discussions as they do in posting their original content, the blogosphere will not reach its true potential.


I agree if more lawyers would spend more time listening than speaking, alot of things (not just the world of blogs) would be alot better-off. I've even run across several bloggers who don't even permit comments!?! I could just imagine what it would be like to practice with them!!!

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