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Trust Me. It All Works Out In The End.

When you own your own business, the buck really does “stop here.” I would encourage any attorney who is contemplating going out on their own to make sure that they continually remind themselves to balance the law firm,their clients, their family and their friends.

It is very easy to get lost with all the day to day management issues when you are running your own law firm. The task list never ends. The to-do list continues to grow longer each day. At some point, you can get lost with all the day to day activities of your firm. Remember, you have chosen an independent practice in order to obtain a better quality of life.

Trust me.  The rest will simply work out.



Sounds like you're trying to convince yourself. Are you sure?


I remind myself every day. Otherwise I would be overloaded by administrative and business issues. I encourage other idependent practioners to remind themselves as well. :-)


As a big firm partner basher, I hate to say it--or, I hate to face the reality--but we all have to grow up. There is a reason why the partners are jerks and overworked workaholics. They don't have a choice. As a solo, you are now the true owner of the venture. Nothing good in life is easy. One has to work 80 hours a week, not 40, to get anyhere, regardless of the field. That stinks. I just want to go home at 5 and be with my wife and daughter and dog. But I can't be an employee forever. I'll have to start my own practice eventually. But I also like my nice condo and six figure salary. Then I look at the poor people of the world and feel guilty about my greed, which I never intended. I didn't grow up in a family with money.

On your post about bathroom advertising, nice job, but isn't even your success a bit sad. It is sad that we need to advertise at all. Doctors, for the most part, don't have to. You have to now be happy about acquiring some boring real estate drafting work.

In the end, being a lawyer sucks.

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