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Good Karma, Home Made Chinese Food and an Unbelievable Lawyer Bitch Session

Rest Room Ad Campaign Update

My rest room “Johnny Advertising” campaign started last week. In upscale restaurants, health clubs and other high end market establishments, my law firm is now prominently advertised. I am branding my website address, my slogan “changing the way law is practiced” and my alternative billing options. I previously posted on the ad here.

Within one week, I have already scored one family with real estate drafting needs, that contacted me yesterday, and retained me today. I wore my short sleeved shirt and pants, a little more dressed up than usual. They were more dressed up than I was. 

They generally loved the advertisement, and we had a very healthy, bitch session about attorney billing models in general .  We put them on a flat fee to deliver the required documents. 

I take several lessons away from my Johnny Advertising experience thus far. First, clients are attracted to the message of being a 'different kind of law firm.' Second, legal issues are sometimes discussed over dinner.  What better place to have an advertisement than in the middle of that discussion? Third, one advertisement campaign can be paid for in a single client. The rest is gravy.


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