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Virtual Law Clerks Take Over the World!

The Traverse Legal web site has a decidedly interesting series of posts (including a blogcast) about its adoption of a Virtual Law Clerk / Paralegal Program at this high-tech firm.   They are purportedly utilizing four virtual law clerks and one virtual paralegal  for an additional 60-100 hours of service capacity per week. Keeping with their "lowest competent billing rate" approach, Traverse Legal is seeing the positive results of task based and budgeted legal services.

In the words of one prominent local attorney who, upon being introduced to the model, exclaimed after reviewing the budgeted work-product generated by the program: "You are billing the client so much less, and getting so much more from your team.  I think you are on to something here!"

Highlights from the Traverse Legal  web site  ...

  • Better Return For Every Legal Dollar Spent: Our virtual paralegal and law clerk program provides more value at a reduced cost to the client. On our flat fee cases (which comprise approximately 35% of our matters), it allows us to deliver solutions to clients within budget.
  • Task Based Projects & Budgets:  Every assignment to a virtual employee is narrowly defined, documented and budgeted.
  • Overflow Capacity: These virtual workers provide much needed overflow capacity for Traverse Legal, without creating overhead or 'make work' incentives.
  • Alternative Billing:  By pushing easier tasks down to lower billing workers, we are in a position to deliver much more bang for the legal buck. Making sure the lowest billing option is utilized consistent with the experience and expertise necessary to  handle each specific task, creates tremendous efficiencies.

Will contract-based task-centric support staff (which by the way is a key part of the overseas outsourcing model) make law affordable for more Americans and deliver more value to even the wealthiest American litigants? Stayed tuned ...



I'm truly enjoying reading this blog. I wrote a couple of "LA Law" episodes in the past. Wish I'd had this to look at back then. Thanks!


Thanks. Life can be stranger than fiction. One of my good friends writes for HBO. She also is amazed (as am I sometimes looking back) by my life's journey. At age 41, I know I have lived more than most, and am the only attorney who prosecuted a case to a $2 million dollar verdict from the trunk a my red Mercedes (and temporary home).

Rosanna Tussey

Interesting blog topic. I must say, though, that it isn't only large companies subcontracting out their paralegal services.

For instance, I am a Virtual Assistant and Paralegal. The services that I provide as an independent contractor to my clients on an as-needed or retainer basis allow them to take on larger case loads and utilize their specialized knowledge more effectively.

I think a key factor to explore is that it is often more cost effective for attorneys to hire a Virtual Assistant/Paralegal if they could utilize some assistance but not on a full time basis. They also aren't caught up in the whirlwind of expenses associated with a traditional employee such as payroll taxes, benefits, office space and equipment allocation, etc.

Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services

There are a lot of Solo Practitioner Lawyers that could use the services of a legal virtual assistant or paralegal. There are a lot of tasks that can be completed without having to be in the same office (or country for that matter) as the lawyer.
I am a Legal Virtual Assistant and I know that I can do everything that an in-house assistant can do except get the coffee.

David baer

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