Problem Client Type “B”
Six Months Post-“I quit.”

Call me or you’re fired!

My theme for the next four weeks or so is “the perfect client” before trying to define the perfect client we first need to know what makes an imperfect one. Several days ago I posted here and identified problem client type “A”. This is the guy who sent me an email during vacation that I had to call him or I was fired. Instead, I fired him. I have been reflecting on whether or not this is something the Greatest American Lawyer would do? I know what the Greatest American Dad would do; I know what the Greatest American Husband would do. No attorney when they obtain their license to practice signs up for abuse or conspiracy theory clients. The Greatest American Lawyer chooses his or her clients carefully. The greatest American Lawyers ability to revolutionize the practice of law has its foundation in the client base. Choose your clients as carefully as and better than you pick your partners. At least take them on a couple of dates before you make long term commitments.


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