Some People are just Special
Good Bye Kyle ... for now

Everyone is touched by loss

Here is my response email to a fellow trial lawyer who sent me an email about his own recent loss of a friend, another special man who touched many lives:

I just returned from the funeral and found your thoughts and kind words in my in-box. Thank you so much for the email. It is too bad that we so easily forget what is truly important. Kyle found his peace in life only after he was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer in some ways gave him one unique and beautiful, although difficult, year.  I am certain he would say it was by far the best year of his life because it was the one most filled with perspective.

As I move forward in my practice, I can only hope to remember how I feel today. Kyle's ability to take it all in stride is something to strive for in my own practice and life. How is it we delude ourselves that so many things are more important than our own mortality and the coming of death. Only in contemplation of death can we have any hope of living a fruitful life.

All the best to you and yours. Don't let big firm life steal your soul or diminish your spirit.


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