To Lead an Enriched Life
Everyone is touched by loss

Some People are just Special

          About an hour after my last post, I got the call that Kyle had died. The family had been told by medical doctors many months ago that there was nothing more that they could do. Kyle, Barb and the family turned to faith and embraced the possibility of miracles as their focus. All their faith and belief that a miracle would occur was not wasted. It gave them the foundation to live their last months of Kyle’s life filled with hope, and not despair. It gave them a peace that made their lives seem in many ways to be less of a struggle, than the lives I saw being lived around me. Kyle handled his mortality with grace and humility and compassion.
          We make many decisions each and every day. I will try to make more of mine through Kyle’s eyes. I will do my part to make sure that Kyle lives on and that his message will not be lost to the passage of time.


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